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Ganon-big bad and a whole lot of ugly

Ganon-Big Bad and is a giant blue hog. He leads an invasion on the small kingdom of Hyrule and manages to obtain the Triforce of power. Before he can obtain the Triforce of wisdom, Princess Zelda is able to break it into eight pieces and scatters it throughout Hyrule, then sends her attendant Impa away to search for help. Ganon captures Zelda and holds her hostage in his lair, deep in Death Mountain under The spectacle rock, and sends his minions after Impa. Link, having outwitted his underlings and learned of the perils that the land was under, takes up a sword and goes alone to assemble the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. Using it, he enters death nountain and shines it upon Ganon's hiding place. Ganon fights ruthlessly with his seemingly invincible Technique of Darkness, but Link is able to vanquish him with his blade and by using the Silver arrows to deliver the final blow.

editors noteEdit

well this guy is pretty awsome but I have to give a special thanks tothe zelda wiki because I knew about nothing about the first games storyline so thank you.