bad and the boldly doppelganger has been in the scribblenauts series since the beginning and he is still living loud and proud in the scribbenauts series. Next to Maxwell, he has been an iconic figure in the scribblenauts series.

 strangely, scribblenauts does not actually have a main boss but has millions of hostile charecters but acording to super scribblenauts,in the last level, you see the doppelganger flying in a UFO and he abducts the items on the page even the starite and so it asks you to chase after him (you just have to make any ridable object for it to work) later than, You see yourself flying threw space right on the doppelganger tail while your flying, you see the starite constellations and all you have to do is move your stylus over the stars to make them fly up and attack the doppelganger. later, doppelganger will crash onto what seems to be the moon. and you see the doppelganger laying there, supposedly dead.After that the screen will say "game over" but all you have to hit is "No Way!" and then make the starite and the level is complete.

editors noteEdit

when your in space,attacking the doppeganger, things start flying out of the back of the ship. I have a theory that those things flying out of the back are things that he abducted over his lifetime.