King dedede

King dedede

King DededeEdit

King dedede first appeared in kirbys dreamland as the main boss. What he did ,along with a group of theives,was steal all the food in the dream land  and out of kindness, also took  the stars and paased them down to his subjects. What a nice guy?!


All he looks like is a blue penguin carrying around a hammer and also wearing a kings cloak and what seems to be a crown on his head.

King Dedede's CastleEdit

King dedede's castle has many strange rooms. acording to kirbys dream land, You have to defeat 4 bosses,from previous areas but much harder, to advance to king dedede's boss room. His boss room is very strange and it seems to be a boxing mat. All you have to do is suck up the stars that come out of his hammer and shoot them at him. After awhile he will perish.

King dededes castle

image of king Dededes castle